ShoreTel IP420g Office Phone

ShoreTel IP420g IP Office Phone Introduction

The IP420g IP Office Phone is the newest member of the 400 Series phone family.
The IP420g IP Phone addresses the need for a basic phone that works with Gigabit Ethernet networks. Like the current IP420 IP Phone, the new device is a two-line SIP phone that is fully integrated into the ShoreTel system. The IP420g has the same features and functionality as the IP420. In addition, the IP420g supports connection to Gigabit Ethernet networks and supports pass-through of the Gigabit data stream to downstream PCs, switches and other devices that may be connected to the phone.

The ShoreTel IP420g Office phone supports 8 lines, while the IP420 supports 2. Both have speakerphone, but the IP420g has Full-duplex Speakerphone and Visual VM.

IP420g / IP480gip420_shoretel_IP420

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The IP420g is intended for deployments in which Gigabit Ethernet compatibility is required, and the more basic capabilities of a simple 2-line phone are sufficient for the customer’s needs. Where a phone with richer functionality is required, the IP480g and IP485g phones are recommended. The introduction of the IP420g extends the availability of Gigabit phones through the whole range of the 400 Series phone family.

IP420g Compatibility

The IP420g requires ShoreTel Connect, and is available for ONSITE and CLOUD customers. The IP420g is not supported for use with ShoreTel 14.2 or ShoreTel Sky. The IP420g shares its physical design with the IP420; thus, all accessories designed for the IP420 can be used with the IP420g.

IP420g Availability

The new IP420g phone will be available for ordering and shipment beginning September 26, 2016. For Connect CLOUD deployments, the IP420g will be available initially the United States and Canada.

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