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Flexible Cloud

General Communications “Flexible Cloud” Maximizes Your Investment In Your Onsite Phone System

With “Flexible Cloud” you can maximize your investment in your onsite phone system while beginning a migration path to the cloud. Add productivity-enhancing applications quickly and easily-without adding to IT’s workload or making a capital expense.

Businesses who are unable to move totally to the cloud today, can continue to utilize their investment in critical architecture while moving ahead to and replace the equipment and systems which will bring the greatest improvement to the operations and savings for the company.

Flexible Cloud telephone solutions are currently deployed around the globe in every US state, the UK , the UE, Australia, and Asia Pacific countries. Ready to learn how Cloud or Hybrid telephone service can help your company save money and become more flexible? Learn more here….

Flexible Cloud Phone Services is a fully managed solution

• Easy to administer and use
• Low operating costs and maintenance
• Perfect for connecting multiple offices and large locations
• Powerful collaboration applications
• No Capital expense
• Rich business app integration
• Full BYOD mobility support
• Incredible, reliable service
• Fantastic call quality & reliability
• Local & nationwide long distance included
• Anytime, anywhere access
• Predictable monthly operating expense
• Rich business app integration

Flexible Scribe gives your customers a mix of features and the ability to adapt to changing business demands as they arise.

ShoreTel Flexible Scribe

Flexible Scribe

Flexible Scribe is an integrated voicemail transcription service that converts voice messages into text files and emails them automatically. The convenience of being able to check voice messages silently and quickly is indispensable to multi-taskers and those who value efficiency. Not only does it reduce message retrieval time, it creates highly useful caller records as well.
• Receive & read voicemail on mobile phones, portable devices, and email
• Convert voice messages to .wav files
• Search for voice messages
• Find important names, numbers, and addresses quickly

ShoreTel Flexible Fax

Flexible Fax

Flexible Fax accommodates and enhances traditional faxing by incorporating the feature into our hosted phone system functionality. Users can send and receive faxes from their desktop or mobile devices, streamlining the process and removing the dependence on standalone fax machines.
• Empowers employees with flexible communications tools, regardless of location, to get more done, faster
• Eliminate paper and send/receive faxes anywhere e-mail can be accessed.
• Faxes can be saved, forwarded and searched like emails.

Receive 60 days of free trial with unlimited users. This promotion is available for 14.2 or Connect ONSITE customers who don’t already have fax and scribe. Call General Communications at 781-756-5100 to take advantage of this offer today!

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