Trade Up To Toshiba

Trade Up To Toshiba

trade up to toshiba

Trade Up To Toshiba Cloud and SAVE!

Toshiba Phone System Quote

Trade Up To VIPedge Cloud-Based Telephone Solution!*
And Get FREE IP telephones for each Toshiba EKT, DKT or IPT1000/2000 series phone traded in.**

Trade Up To Toshiba

Software Update & Support at a Huge Discount!
Connect with your Authorized Toshiba Dealer for more details.

*The Trade Up to VIPedge promotion runs through March 29, 2017. Review terms and conditions for full details in the Trade Up to Toshiba Promotion Certificate

**Eligible for free phones at time of original purchase.

authorized toshiba phone dealer

Have questions about Toshiba Phone Systems and Telecommunications Services? Connect with General Communications – New England’s leading Authorized Toshiba Dealer!

800-4-GENERAL or click here!

Trade Up To Toshiba Promotion Certificate
Click to download and complete this PDF form and email or fax it to it out and email or fax it to (781) 932-0540 General Communications is an authorized Toshiba dealer serving over 2000 businesses the greater Boston area and around the world.

toshiba phone systems boston

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